Hi! I’m Jo,

Currently based in Bristol I’m a bit of an all-rounder when it comes to design. I’m at my best when I have a pencil in my hand and have a need to do something creative every day. I have a passion for design,  I love the rawness of hand-rendered typography and illustrations. My interests include but are not limited to printmaking, portraiture, illustration, logo design, editorial, and animation.



I thoroughly enjoy the research stage of my projects as this usually involves getting away from my desk and meeting new people. I have a strong interest in what shapes a community and the people who make it. Most inspiration comes to me from being in public areas. Observing and documenting interactions are an important part of my process as I tend to refer back to them throughout a project. Documenting and idea generating always starts with a sketchbook and a pencil, drawing out rough ideas is always the starting point for me. I thrive around other creatives and love sharing and hearing opinions and working on collaborative projects.

Constructing, exploring and presenting Narratives is a key aspect of my design work. I enjoy producing work that makes people think differently about what they’re seeing & delivers a clear/understandable message. Whether it’s for branding, advertising or a simple aesthetic illustration I try to keep things interesting.

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